Down in the Valley, a documentary series airing on Starz, is inspired by the hit series P-Valley from executive producers Katori Hall and Nicco Annan (Uncle Clifford in P-Valley).

Hosted by Annan, the six-half-hour episode series takes viewers on a tantalizing tour of the Deep South, unveiling a complex South that is equal parts poignant, joyful and magical. Annan is immersed in the people, sensuality, music, culture and stories of the South. From strip clubs to sex workshops, rap performances, and ancient hoodoo rituals, Annan, as well as the audience, experiences it all.

S1E1: Hoodoo Woman

S1E2: Diamonds of Memphis


Showrunner: Shoshana Guy

Executive Producers: Lydia Tenaglia, Chris Collins, Katori Hall

Produced by Zero Point Zero for Starz

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