Carlton McCoy is on a journey of discovery. Join the classically trained chef, master sommelier, and arbiter of cool on his quest to find the places where food, music, art, and culture collide. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the riverside towns along the Mississippi River, this six-part documentary series chases what it means to be authentic, celebrating the similarities and differences across the world to illuminate the universal threads that connect us all. At times deeply personal, McCoy uncovers the wellspring of new ideas, talent, and creation that has formed in some of the world’s most well-known destinations.

S1E3: Washington, D.C. | Aired CNN 2021

Carlton returns home to Washington D.C.; along the way, he meets family and friends and discovers a new side of the capital and himself.

S2E1: Miami | Airdate TBD

S2E4: Bay Area | Airdate TBD

Produced by Zero Point Zero for CNN

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